Fee Scale for Macrobotanical Analysis

Standard Flotation Analysis

Sample fee per gram weight

0-5g    150 USD

>5g      175 USD

>10g    200 USD

>20g    225 USD

For samples greater than 30g please contact for quote

Point Sample Analysis

typically collected from screen or handpicked samples

0-10g    75 USD

> 10g    100 USD

> 20g    125 USD

For samples over 30 grams please contact for quote

Single specimen

typically for radiocarbon dating - includes specimen selection and identification

25 USD per sample

Fiber identification

Includes lab consumables, photomicroscopy, and report

150 USD per sample

If fabric analysis (attribute-based analysis) is required please call for quote

Analysis includes wood charcoal identification (flotation, point samples and single specimen), photomicroscopy for diagnostic examples, reporting, supplies, and return shipping

Contact for Per Hour Fee Scale

Rattlesnake Master will work with you to maximize data based on your budget and needs. Macrobotanical analysis fees can be based in either per sample weight (if known), or at a per hour fee rate. Hourly fee rates often work best for legacy collections in need of assessment of research viability, curation rehabilitation, and analysis, as well as grant funded contracts. Please contact me to discuss per hour fee rates, as these are sliding scale to accommodate the needs of non-profit organizations and historically underfunded Tribal agencies.

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