Macrobotanical Analysis

Flotation sample analysis

  • Price includes sorting, identification, supplies, photomicroscopy of example specimens, and report.
  • Flotation sample analysis – Light fraction only
    • <5g sample – 125 USD
    • >5g-10g sample – 150 USD
    • >10-20g sample -175 USD
    • >20g sample – 225 USD plus 100 USD per every 10g over 20g.
    • Please contact to discuss including heavy fraction in analysis or if your samples have been waterscreened.
  • Single specimen identification
    • 20 USD per specimen
    • Please contact to discuss if you need a single specimen selected and identified from a point sample or processed soil sample
  • Point sample analysis (handpicked charcoal sample)
    • <5g sample – 75 USD
    • >5g-10g sample – 100 USD
    • >10g-20g sample -150 USD
    • >20g sample – 150 USD plus 100 USD per every 10g over 20g.
  • Wood identification (not carbonized – architectural or artifact): pricing variable on condition and size of sample and degree of specificity desired
    • 20-75 USD

Fabric and fiber analysis

  • Fabric analysis
    • Due to the normally fragile nature of these materials fabric analysis should be done on site (field or institution) – please contact to discuss either transport arrangements or travel and consulting fees. Analysis include artifact photography, attribute analysis data and report
  • Fiber analysis single specimen: dependent on condition, potential geographical extent and degree of specificity desired. Price includes photomicroscopy, supplies, and report. *Note this is almost always a destructive analysis – client will need to have appropriate permissions to carry out analysis
    • 100 – 150 USD per specimen
TYpe X grain, Toltec Mounds, Arkansas, AD 650 – 1050
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